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The Best Brass Compasses and Sextants

Since our inception in 1997, two of the surprising top sellers at A Simpler Time have been brass compasses and brass sextants, and we continue to offer these in different sizes and price ranges.

In most cases, because of our direct manufacturing and increasingly larger quantities sold, our prices on compasses and sextants have actually gone down over the last 11 years! This despite inflation and higher metal prices.

Our nautical-themed polished brass and antiqued brass sextants are remarkably accurate representations of seafaring devices used for hundreds of years. Most come packaged in walnut-stained hardwood boxes that combine to make an appealing piece of decor for a desk or bookshelf. Add an inexpensive personalized brass nameplate to your sextant box for a great customized gift that will be kept for generations.

While our sextants have moveable parts, we don't recommend using them for navigation. Accurate, working sextants generally run over $1,000, but if you want a great gift, our four-inch sextant with a beautiful box starts at only $65. For information on the history of sextants and how they work, see this helpful resource on Wikipedia (

Featuring Brass Compasses, Nautical Compasses,
and Antique Brass Sextants

Our heavy, solid brass compasses are accurate, working replicas of standard military issue compasses used almost 100 years ago. They unfold to reveal "rifle sights," "spirit levels," and a backwards compass dial designed to be viewed in a mirror set into a solid brass lid.

Compasses make great inspirational gifts ("thanks for showing me the way") and all come in beautiful hardwood and brass display cases that can be topped by personalized brass nameplates.

If you're looking for a unique new personalized corporate gift, we don't think you can go wrong with a handsome brass compass or brass sextant.