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Nautical Gifts

A Simpler Time prides itself on not having the most nautical gifts, but rather having the highest quality, best priced vintage nautical-themed items available. From solid brass porthole mirrors to working ship bells and telescopes, our retro sailing collection is heirloom very competitive prices. Plus, we ship many items FREE, with a money back guarantee if not satisfied.
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Brass Sundial Wristwatch
$0.00 $29.00 $19.95
Bronzed Porthole Mirror 20"
$0.00 $195.00 $145.00
Union Jack Pond Yacht Model Boat
$0.00 $149.00 $69.00
Large Two-Engine Brass Telegraph
$0.00 $695.00 $450.00
Yachtsman Wine Caddy
$0.00 $85.00
Fisherman Balance Toy
$0.00 $104.95
Engraved Giant Liberty Hand Bell
$0.00 $145.00 $99.00