Smile Train

Before and after pictures of a child helped by Smile Train

At A Simpler Time, which celebrates the innocence of childhood, we feel it's important to give something back to kids who aren'tas fortunate. We have chosen to support Smile Train (, a top-notch charity that conducts cleft palate surgeries on thousands of third world children every year. To date, nearly a million children have seen their lives changed by Smile Train. Instead of being social outcasts facing lives of begging, these children have a chance to live a normal life. With major sponsors covering all advertising overhead, almost every dollar you donate goes to performing a surgery! The New York Times calls it " of the most productive charities...dollar for the world."

We donate a percentage of our profits to this wonderful charity, and so far (thanks to you!) the lives of 162 children have been changed forever! If you don't see anything on our website you can't live without (and we freely admit we don't sell necessities), or if you would like to donate more, we encourage you to go directly to
Smile Train.