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Wood Propellers

The Web's Best Antique Wood Propeller Replicas
From Sopwith Camels to Curtis Jennys or even seaplanes, our exclusive replica wood airplane props are hand carved from mahogany---even edged in brass. Designed to bring back a Golden Era of aviation when daring pilots in leather helmets, scarves and goggles (and no seatbelts) took to the skies...and too often came plummeting down.
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40 Inch Wood Airplane Propeller
$0.00 $135.00 $115.00


58 Inch Wood Airplane Propeller
$0.00 $189.00 $169.00
Corsair Triptych and Propeller Set
$0.00 $260.00 $189.99


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OUT OF STOCK.  Estimated In Stock 10/1/15
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Save $40! Buy 2 or more and get them for $249 each.


Wood Propeller Coat Rack Mirror
$0.00 $389.00 $269.00
OUT OF STOCK.  Estimated In Stock 10/1/15