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DecorArt FramedInvitation to Flight by Bob Byerley

Invitation to Flight by Bob Byerley


Reference: 4070

Technical Specifications


Technical Specifications



Product Description

After hundreds of nails and raids to neighborhood garages that netted a sewing machine, fan blades, old car horns, a gas tank and many other flying machine necessities, the young aviators were ready for their maiden voyage.  A little apprehensive at first, but then the magic faeries assured them flight was possible.


Artist Bob Byerley has been called the “modern Norman Rockwell” and this image titled “Invitation to Flight” shows why.  While the limited edition larger version has been sold out for many years, we’ve framed this open edition paper print in a way that makes it look like an expensive original.  Using a process that laminates the paper to a Masonite board, we’ve also added slight texture, then framed with a three inch wide cherry molding and a thick linen liner.  


Size:  28" x 32" Framed


Item No. 4070