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DecorFigure modelsRainbow Striped Vintage Hot Air Balloon Model

Rainbow Striped Vintage Hot Air Balloon Model


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Technical Specifications


Technical Specifications



Product Description

Our Rainbow Striped Hot Air Balloon Model is a vintage reproduction of the style of airships seen floating through the skies of the late 1890s. Hot air balloons are not just beautiful, romantic flying machines, that add color and interest to your decor, they also represent science and history. Balloons were aviation's first successfully manned flying machines and to this day evoke a sense of adventure and freedom to onlookers. Quality details are abundant in this model, with hand woven netting, wooden basket, wooden toggles and tiny sand bags. What could be more classic than the quintessential rainbow colors on the envelope, or balloon? As always, a portion of your purchase is donated to the Smile Train, a charity that performs reconstructive facial surgery on children around the world (check our home page for an up-to-date smile count). Hung in your home or office, this quality vintage style rainbow striped model balloon will be loved for years to come.

SIZE: 22" High x 12.6" Wide

ITEM: 7552