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DecorArt FramedCallin The Red Framed Open Edition Print

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Technical Specifications


Technical Specifications



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Andy Thomas, a great ‘storyteller’ among artists, paints pictures that make the viewer want to join the scene. Here, your favorite Democratic presidents have retired to the billiard parlor for a relaxed game of billiards or pool!


Presidents, including Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter and John F. Kennedy, share a chuckle as Obama calls his next shot which happens to be red. There's even a painting on the wall that looks suspiciously like another Andy Thomas painting of recent memory!


We’ve framed an open edition paper print of this popular piece with a three inch wide cherry style molding and one inch linen liner. The paper itself has been mounted and slightly textured, resulting in a rich presentation at an amazingly low price.


Size:  25” x 19”


Item No. 13885


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