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DecorPropellerEngraved 70 Inch Mahogany Airplane Propeller

Engraved 70 Inch Mahogany Airplane Propeller


Reference: 20062

Technical Specifications


Technical Specifications



Product Description

A BEST SELLING PROPELLER. This WWI era style wooden prop features brass edging like that which was sometimes used by early aviators to protect their fragile propellers from rocks flung up on grass fields. We've hand “antiqued” the brass edges and hub to make our prop look like it's been in the rafters of an airline hangar for nearly a century and then stained the hub area slightly darker to give that grease-stained effect.

Made in the Philippines of native mahogany, our vintage-style prop is smaller than the original, and we've changed the pitch slightly to make it show better when hung on your home or office wall.

Our propellers come with hanging hardware and instructions, and can be hung vertically, horizontally, or at an angle. 

Size: 70" Long; 6" High; 3" Deep

Weight: Approx. 10 Pounds (weight will vary)