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DecorArt FramedFramed Declaration of Independence Tribute Shadowbox

Framed Declaration of Independence Tribute Shadowbox


Reference: 15125

Technical Specifications


Technical Specifications



Product Description

It’s hard to get across in a photo on-line just how impressive our framed Declaration of Independence Tribute is.  At over four feet wide, it features a realistic looking replica of our founding document on parchment paper---complete with yellowing and aging found on the original---plus a miniaturized canvas distressed 13 star “Betsy Ross” flag with raised, hand stitched stars, and a realistic looking feather pen like the one John Hancock used. 


These unique vintage 1776 replicas are beautifully floated in a three inch deep shadowbox frame package that includes matching leather look matting and a massive five inch thick beaded sable and gold frame that’s perfect for the time period.


SIZE: 49” x 33”


ITEM: 15125