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SignNext Turn Custom Corrugated Sign

Next Turn Custom Corrugated Sign


Personalization Included - 3 Lines
Personalization Included - 3 Lines
Reference: 13232

Technical Specifications


Technical Specifications



Product Description

  • Line 1: Replace "Loyd's" with name or other text of your choice
  • Line 2: Replace "Garage" with other text of your choice
  • Line 3: Replace "Next Turn" with other text of your choice 
With all three lines of text available for customization, you can make this sign point the way to whatever you want! The retro graphics are reminiscent of an old garage sign, printed on sturdy corrugated metal for an industrial feel. You can make it perfect for your home, business, vacation home, or man cave.

SIZE: 17" High x 44" Wide
ITEM: 13232

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