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DecorArt FramedRonald Reagan Limited Edition Large Framed Giclee

Ronald Reagan Limited Edition Large Framed Giclee REF: -2562745461576214800



Technical Specifications


Technical Specifications



Product Description

One of our most popular modern day Presidents, Ronald Reagan was known as an eternal optimist who saw America as “a shining city on a hill” and believed in peace through strength.  In his “down” time, and in retirement, he also loved to get back to his ranch to clear brush, breathe the fresh air and get away from the pressures of his position.   Artist Andy Thomas has captured our 40th President beautifully in this portrait---dressed in work clothes with gloves and a cowboy hat—and with the ever present grin he always had.


We’ve taken the liberty of framing this artist signed and numbered limited edition (limited to 1989 prints, which was the year Regan left office) without glass by laminating the giclee on paper to a Masonite board and adding slight texturing.  The result is art work that looks much more like the original, and like the original does not have light reflection from glass.  Then we added to the original illusion by using a one inch thick real linen liner and three inch thick molding for a finished piece that will impress any Reagan fan.


Size:  26” x 32” (framed)

Image:  17.5” x 23.5”


Item No. 13944


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